Hello, there! 👋

I am Camila Maia, a Brazilian software developer that loves to architect systems, create new DevTools, and automate processes. Welcome to my personal website! I am a backend developer that loves developing systems using Python or Ruby. 🐍 💎

I am truly passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting with people. I like to speak in tech conferences, organize events, to live code… These are some cool events that I helped to organize/create:

For the last couple of years, I’ve been focusing increasingly on open source. Open source is where I could find the perfect fit between people connection and coding in my day-to-day. As a result of this effort, my GitHub profile was the first one to be accepted for the GitHub Sponsors program in Brazil, which made me incredibly happy.

Finally, I am an open source advocated that does believe in the power of tech communities.

People > Tech.


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